You have probably noticed now that WordPress can automatically update itself. This feature was introduced since WordPress 3.7. it is supposed to be important as automatic updates would install latest security updates or patches and protect your website from hackers. You would get all the latest WordPress improvements as well.

However you may want to control how this happen and you fear that this feature might break the compatibility with any of the WordPress plugins you have installed.

In this tutorial, let’s see how to disable WordPress automatic updates.


The procedure is relatively easy. Simply get access to the file wp-config.php. Please update this file with the followin line of code:

You will find this file in the root folder of your WordPress installation.There are few convenient ways to access this file.

You could log to your cPanel and make use of the file manager to navigate to the file wp-config.php.

If you are a tech savvy, then connect to your FTP server and checkout the file from your remote server.

WordPress ecosystem is never short of plugin. You use the Desable the core updates manager available at to set up this configuration.

Unless you have very good reasons to turn off WordPress updates, we don’t recommend that procedure. If you proceed eventually, then keep your eye open and be proactive in case of a security breach.