In this second Prestashop SEO Manager user guide document, you will learn about how to generate the meta data for your product page in Prestashop with our seo module for Prestashop available at codecanyon.

Please read the first article of this series before.

SEO Meta tags generation for Prestashop product pages.

We have developed this prestashop SEO Manager in the way it could work for small to large catalogue. Few of our customers have more than 5000 products in their catalogue.

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Running SEO Manager could require lot of computer power and memory to complete. However we strongly recommend to split your catalogue and apply category filters to reduce the number of products impacted during the meta field generation process. Refer to the screenshots below.

Over the time we have increased the number of shortcodes to give you more features and flexibility. More than any other competitors have done so far.

The module will save all the meta tags boilerplate per language in the way you will not have to provide new meta tag every time you switch from one language to another one.

List of shortcodes:

PRODUCT_NAME: product title

PRODUCT_DESC: product description

PRODUCT_DESC_SHORT: product short description

PRODUCT_ID: product ID

PRODUCT_REF: product reference

PRODUCT_SUPPLIER_REF: product supplier reference

PRODUCT_PRICE: product price without tax rule

PRODUCT_CONDITION: product condition

PRODUCT_EAN13: product EAN 13 code

MANUFACTURER_NAME: product manufacturer name

SUPPLIER_NAME: product supplier name

PRODUCT_UPC: product UPC code

CATEGORY_NAME: product default category name

CATEGORY_NAME_PARENT: name of the parent of the default category

PRODUCT_PRICE_TAX: product price with tax rule

SHOP_NAME: shop name, this shortcode is deprecated and will be removed in the near future. Please use the name of your shop instead.

The previous short codes are available in the drop down list next to the input field. Click on the arrow down to select a short code. Then click on the button ‘Add’ to append the new short code to the meta tag input field.

SEO Manager list of shortcodes

SEO Manager list of shortcodes

The module uses a character “-“ between every single new short code. You can remove this character manually. The text box with many blue shapes right under the meta tag input field is the boilerplate that will be applied to a given meta tag. It highlights all the short codes that have been used.

You may just want to empty the input field. Just click on the button ‘Empty’ to reset the boilerplate.

You must tick to box “update product pages” to activate the content generation for the category pages on your Prestashop catalogue.