This first article collects few of the questions from e-merchants who are using our module SEO Manager for Prestashop available at Codecanyon. You may find an answer to your questions below.


Question: I have uploaded SEO Manager in my Prestashop admin area, but it doesn’t appear in my list of modules, please help!

Many reasons could lead to this issue. At Codecanyon, you download an archive with both the user manual and the module itself. Please use a tool like 7-zip or Winrar to extract the module from the archive. Then upload the file into your Prestashop. We are happy to help you here, just provide us with a temporary access to your Prestashop backend and we will get the job done for you within an hour.


Question: Where do I find the module changelog.

A module history is maintained at the end of the item description page at . Please refer to this space to figure out what is new. We are also planning to include a text file name history.txt within the download package starting from April 2015.

Question: How to take advantage of your regular updates?

Please go to your download area at . First tick the box “get notified by email if this item is updated”. Codecanyon will always send you a notification email when we release a new version of the module. Then click on the button “Download” to get the latest version of the module. Just upload the module again. Prestashop will seamlessly upgrade its database and file structure with the latest version. The module should be up and running again.


Question: Does SEO Manager work in my local language?

Yes! The module is natively translated into English, French, Spanish and German. Any help to translate the module into additional language is welcome. You may use the Prestashop translation system to translate the module in your preferred language for your personal use. Nevertheless, you can use the module to generate the SEO meta tags for any language. Few of our happy customers are using it with their shop in Turkish, Russian, Cyrillic languages or Indian.


Question: Is it suitable for local SEO?

Yes, the module can help you to improve your local SEO ranking. As small business, local SEO is in general all you need to succeed on line. For example, you may offer free delivery in your area or a point of collection in your city or physical retail stores. That could make a huge difference! Local SEO is the process of optimizing your website so that it appears in the first positions of Google, Bing and Yahoo for searches that are related to your area / city / country. You may want to appear first for keywords like E-cigarette in New York, Florist in London.

Therefore, use the name of your city, town, country, county or council in the SEO boilerplate. Please, emphasis on advantages like free delivery, easy return, point of collection. It may improve your conversion rate.

Those are few questions we get from our customers at Codecanyon.

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