Usefull blogposts and tutorials related to the excellent Software Configuration Management tool known GIT. Many platforms with various services level like Bitbucket, Github are available and will be mentionned.

GIT comment convertir un dossier non vide en dépôt.

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Cette astuce peut vous aider à convertir un projet existant avec son code source en GIT si vous souhaitez l’envoyer sur github ou autre service payant ou gratuit de gestion de configuration.

How to fix Error Eclipse git unable to access ssl certificate problem

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Recently I was working on my workstation and I came across this issue. Few days before, everything was fine and I was able to check out my projects from my preferred Git repository. There are many reasons that lead to these errors. It is not the purpose of this blog post to list them but […]

10 commandes utiles de Git à connaitre

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Git est l’un des systèmes de gestion de configuration les plus connus et les plus utilisés au monde. Avec l’avènement des plateformes de codes ouverts et de projets collaboratifs et open source comme Github, il est devenu incontournable et a pris le pas sur ses prédécesseurs comme SVN. Dans cet article, nous vous indiquerons quelques […]

Useful Github shortcuts cheat sheet

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As Open source projects trive, developers look up Github at a daily basis. It became “THE” Wikipedia for developers as they don’t want to reinvent the wheel every morning. Shortcuts are real time savers.

They are shortcuts for different needs.  Few Github markdown Shortcuts help to navigate quickly to a project source code, to the list […]