As Open source projects trive, developers look up Github at a daily basis. It became “THE” Wikipedia for developers as they don’t want to reinvent the wheel every morning. Shortcuts are real time savers.

They are shortcuts for different needs.  Few Github markdown Shortcuts help to navigate quickly to a project source code, to the list of commits, to the issues, or to the pull requests. I use them to browse through the source code in various projects at Github especially my private repositories of Prestashop modules.

It is very simple to get the list of shortcuts available. If there is one to remember, it should be the “?” . Press on “?” on your keyboard to get the list of shortcuts available for various pages at Github.


On github click on the question mark key to get help



I especially found the following GitHub shortcuts quite useful:

  • Press “s” for focusing on the search bar
  • Press “gc” for switching to your code
  • Press “gd” for switching to your dashboard
  • “gi” for going to your issues
  • “t” when on a project source code it brings up the file finder
  • “l” when on a project source code page, it lets you pump to a specific line number
  • “i” shows or hides all inline notes

GitHub is one of the largest developer community available, and it is also a super-powerful tool for bringing your programming skills on the next level. I hope you enjoy the tips