Prestashop 1.7 was released few years ago. It is still under construction and many legacy modules are rewritten and customers and e-merchants need to figure out how to use the best the solution. In this block post, learn about few Prestashop 1.7 tips and tricks. This article is a detailed “Frequently Asked Questions” – Prestashop 1.7 FAQ.

I don’t get Prestashop notification email any more

Prestashop 1.7 comes with the module so called mail alert. Its sends mails to the shop owners, or to his customers about stock management and when ever an order has changed a status. This module is not included in the archive. It gets downloading during the installation phase. Sometimes, Prestashop fails to copy it from the remote server.
If you want to setup this module, please download Prestashop 1.7 v2.1.1 mail alerts named ps_mailalerts from

I made few changes on the CSS files, how to reflect the updates on my shop?

For performance reasons, Prestashop uses several solutions to compile all the various files that compose a theme and serve them as a single file. This is the case for the CSS files. You need to turn off the cache option to force the platform to recompile all the css files again. Navigate to Admin backend > Advanced Performance > Cache and change the Option Template compilation to “Force compilation” and the option Cache to “False”.

How to activate the debug mode in Prestashop 1.7

The latest version of Pestashop 1.7 displays more information related to log or defect information and it is even easier to get access to the debug page. Find out more in our blog post “how to enable Prestashop debug mode”

I was uploading an image for a product page in Prestashop 1.7 and I came across the following error message

This problem occurs with websites running with PHP 7.1. Prestashop copies all the product images and category pictures within the folder IMG. To solve this issue,  just grant all the permissions to the Prestashop folder /img.