This post is part of our series of user guide for the Prestashop SEO Manager module

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SEO Manager user guide – CRON job

Starting an online business activity is an exciting adventure. Over the time,  e-merchants populate their shop with more products. Prestashop allow a user to import new products using CSV files. And many of our customers rely on that feature to extend their catalogue with new products. Sometimes, suppliers provide a home-grown extension to  feed Prestashop based website. However, they don’t provide all the product properties. Usually the SEO meta title and meta title are not taken into account. That the reason why several e-merchants are looking for a smart solution to generate the Prestashop SEO Meta title and Meta description. Today they can rely on our Prestashop SEO module  to implement this process for their online shop. We have introduced a command line interface that could be triggered with a cron task.

A cron task or the so called Cron Job allows a user to automate few commands on its website. In this context as e-merchant can configure, set a command or a PHP script to run at a specific time every day, week, month or year and so one. For example, you will be able set a cron task to generate the meta title and meta description of Prestashop product pages every week without the need to go to the module configuration page and to check in detail which one should be impacted.

We design the CRON job in the work with e-shop with very large catalogue. However, because our customers run shops with catalogue from few dozen to 40,000 products, we don’t want to limit the use of our module with shop hosted in powerful servers like dedicated servers.


How does is work ?

The cron task runs SEO Manager and applies the SEO rules to all your shops when Prestashop multi shop option is enable, and every single language in your Prestashop website.


CRON parameters

To work with the CRON task, you need to configure few parameters.

  • Number of products to process in one go
  • Override existing meta data parameter


The full URL of your CRON task job would be similar to this:



Then copy the URL that is shown within the module and configure the CRON job with your hosting CPanel just like displayed in the picture below:




Useful links to CRON tutorials

Most of the hosting providers have documented how to add a new cron task to their cron manager table. Here are few useful links: .


What else?

If you still have any question related to the CRON task feature within the Prestashop SEO Module, feel free to contact us and we will be able to help you deploy this feature.

This post is part of our series of user guide for the Prestashop SEO Manager module

User guide part 1

User guide part 2