Not yet convinced that the module Prestashop SEO Manager is the best SEO module to improve your ranking with the main search engines out there like Google, Bing, yahoo, Yandex, Baidoo, Qwant and many more? Well read the review below from merchants who are using it.

Today, we are introducing a series on SEO Manager reviews and feedbacks. For this first article, let’s see what Hiddenox wrote on the 18th of April 2015. The review below was partially extracted from the comments on Codecanyon:


prestashop seo module review

I first bough Smart SEO+ thinking that it will be better since it can do friendly URLs which this module doesn’t do. Unfortunately it was slow, and even though I’ve setup the meta data from it, it just didn’t work and all the meta data and titles didn’t show in any of the products. I’ve decided to ditch it and give Prestashop SEO Manager a go. Its far way better, properly coded. Good Interface and worked without any hassle. My developers told me that friendly URL feature is available by default in prestashop 1.6 so we upgraded to 1.6 and now we have the best of both worlds. I review stuff only when I find that its very well done, and Prestashop SEO Manager is a very well done and developed module that we now rely on.

Very happy with your module and submitted a review already.

The only thing that is missing really is a cron URL that we can run to make sure that the new meta data is updated on a daily basis as our products are updated every day and they are 5K+….

 Just to add as I feel this module deserves differentiating itself from others. After trying the other modules available, your module is far way better than Smart SEO Baseo . The only advantage they had is friendly URLs, and this feature is available by default in prestashop 1.6.. Not to mention that we struggled with their module as it didn’t work as expected and products didn’t get the meta data updated.

It’s also miles better than SEO Expert Module. We’ve bought and tried both and can vouch for this statement from experience.


We take the feedback from our customer seriously and we are already preparer un cron system to automate the generation of Meta tags for products and categories where they are empty.

After this comment, we are not suprised any more that the item is the best seller in his category for months now!

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