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Question 1:

When I create a title it creates it correctly BUT prestashop always add itself in categories and homepage ”- shop name” in addition to any title that I create with seo manager. Is it normal?

Answer 1:

Yes, it is normal from Prestashop point of view! For some reason Prestashop developers have decided to append the name of the shop at the end of all the meta tags. It is the default Prestashop behaviour. You could verified at At the end of the meta title, Prestashop always appends automatically the name of your shop using the code: ’.Configuration::get(‘PS_SHOP_NAME’) Search for Configuration::get(‘PS_SHOP_NAME’) and you will find 10 occurrences.

You could override the class Meta and remove them all. This is out of the scope of the module SEO Manager. Because the name of the shop is already added my Prestashop, we strongly advice not to use it any more.

We are planning to remove this shortcode SHOP_NAME from the module as it never varies. Therefore, if you still want to use this shortcode, please use the full name of your shop rather than the word SHOP_NAME.

Question 2:

If I set the cron to run at every 30 minutes, will it start each time from the beginning or it knows where to start from after last run?

Answer 2:

Find our more about the cron job feature at

That is the point! The module will not start from the beginning every time. If you look in to your shop you could see a field name current offset: this field tells you in real time how many products have been worked out. Then the number is updated after every CRON job cycle.


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Question 3:

Why the meta title is cut to 60 and meta description is cut to 160?

Answer 3:

That is a very common question. Search engines always limit the number of characters they display in their search result page. The average for the meta title is between 50 and 70. For Google, the length allowed for the meta title is 60. The same rule applies for the meta description and the limit here is 160 characters. Any other content above these limits are just cut.

Our Prestashop SEO module takes into account these limits. It truncates the length to the allowed limits and appends 3 dots at the end to make them look nice. Remember, your meta titles should be short yet appealing in order drag traffic to your e-commerce website. The meta description is like an excerpt and you sum up your content in the clever way. Keywords could include events of the year like all the major celebrations, location, seasons, colours, sizes, dimensions, etc…

Question 4:

How often should I use your Prestashop SEO Module?

Answer 4:

As often as possible indeed. The whole idea is to include keywords into your title, description in order to attract your potential customers to your website. They are out there many season products or key periods in the year where people rush into the store. You need to include these events into your meta title and meta description. Roughtly, it makes 2-3 updates per month.


Question 5:

I have just downloaded Prestashop SEO Manager. I have got 5,000 products. Before I go live, I would like to generate the meta tags. But the Cron task is not working ?

Answer 5:

I guess you have turned your Prestashop online retail store into Maintenance mode. Unfortunately in this configuration, Prestashop turns down any command. Cron jobs just don’t work any more. In that condition Prestashop SEO Manager CRON job does not work with the Maintenance mode enable.


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