We would like to thank you for purchasing SEO Manager at We are very pleased that you have chosen this SEO module for your e-commerce website powered by Prestashop. You will not be disappointed! We outline all kinds of good information, and we provide you with all the details you need to use SEO Manager . The module can only be used with Prestashop and we assume that you already have Prestashop installed and ready to go.


Requirements for SEO Manager

This item is an extension for Prestashop. It works with Prestashop 1.7.x and 1.6.x only.

Prestashop 1.7.x

Prestashop 1.6.x

As PS 1.5.x does  not defer a lot from PS 1.6, it might still work with PS 1.5 but we have not tested it.

We will not provide any new development or support on other branches of Prestashop.

Note: Please, make a backup of your Prestashop database before you run the module. We cannot be hold responsible of any damage that may occur.

What is included in the download at Codecanyon?

Your download package should include:

  • A user guide,
  • The module file itself
  • Few illustrations
  • A video tutorial


How does it works

The seo module SEO Manager for Prestashop provides a comprehensive tool for generating the meta tags for your shop resources with just 1 click!
It helps you to optimize your Prestashop website for organic search results. Maximizing the visibility of your website in organic search results is a continuous process which requires significant involvement and may not provide overnight results.
The Prestashop module SEO Manager is your companion and helps you to reduce your effort along this continuous process. It helps you to increase the ranking for Prestashop based retail websites. Thanks to its user friendly interface, you can populate hundreds of records in just few clicks. Not only it’s probably the best SEO tool of the market, it’s also the most affordable at prestashop seo plugin.


Note: Many Codecanyon users ask pre sale questions related to the meta keywords. They are not any more relevant to SEO for the leaders search engines. What is more, Prestashop 1.6 drops the support of the meta keywords. Therefore the module does not generate the meta keywords meta data at all.

SEO Manager displays all the pages that have meta fields in one place, you can manage all the SEO tags of your web site in a single page:

  • Product page
  • Categorie page
  • Home page
  • CMS page
  • Manufacturer page
  • Supplier page
  • Search result page
  • Contact form


Prestashop SEO Module – Features:

  • Simple yet powerful meta data generator for product pages, category, CMS, manufacturers, suppliers, search pages, and contact form
  • Increase Search Engine Representation Pages rankings
  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.5.x
  • Compatible with Prestashop 1.6.x
  • Support multiple languages for all the pages
  • Built-in shortcodes help hints
  • Shortcodes include for example Product name, category name, categoy parent name, shop name, …
  • Option to control overriding existing meta data for product pages
  • Option to control overriding existing meta data for category pages
  • Filters to select various products impacted by the change
  • Easy to install
  • Multi language module: translated into English, French, Spanish, and German
  • Bootstrap 3 friendly
  • Multistore
  • Compatible with all the latest Internet browsers
  • Fully documented
  • Fully supported – helpdesk and forum
  • Open source
  • No modification in the core of Prestashop
  • Free life time support
  • Free and regular upgrades




Once you have downloaded SEO Manager from CodeCanyon, please extract the archive with your preferred tool, for example 7-zip. The module file is Please follow the standard Prestashop module installation to upload the addon on your Prestashop retail website.

Every single step is illustrated in this document.

First, go to the menu “Modules” in Prestashop top menu, then click on the icon “Add a new module” and select the archive

Add SEO Manager to Prestashop

Add SEO Manager to Prestashop

SEO-modules-prestashop-02 SEO-modules-prestashop-03 SEO-modules-prestashop-04

If you unzip (extract) the module archive file and, you may use your favorite FTP software, upload ‘seomanager’ in your Prestashop folder named “modules”. You can skip this step.






Upgrade process:

The module SEO Manager is updated at a regular basis. It is fairly intuitive to upgrade the module SEO Manager for Prestashop. Follow the previous installation guide, upload the module archive Prestashop will update automatically the module.


User guide:

The module generates the meta tags for various pages per languages. As the product pages are probably the most lucrative pages on your website, we focus a lot on those pages. You can generate the SEO fields for many types of pages in the same time. But you cannot generate the module for several languages all at once.

The module allows meta filed content override.

First select a language, click on one of the flags at the top of the page.

Check the box “Override existing product or category meta data” to generate new meta tags for existing meta fields. Today, this option works only for the product and the category pages.











How to generate meta tags for category

The module offers few shortcodes to help you populate the meta fields for the category pages.

The following chapter describes how to select existing meta fields in order to define a boilterplate. The boilerplate is the target template used by the module to generate the meta tags title and description for your category page.

Here is the list of short code available:

CATEGORY_NAME: replaced by the actual category name

CATEGORY_DESC: replaced by the category description text

CATEGORY_NAME_PARENT: replaced by the category parent name

SHOP_NAME: replace by the name of the shop instance. However it is a very lazy/ resource consuming to use this tag as it does not vary per resource page. Please hard code the name of your shop instead. For example, rather than {SHOP_NAME}.


The previous short codes are available in the drop down list next to the input field. Click on the arrow down to select a short code. Then click on the button ‘Add’ to append the new short code to the meta tag input field.

The module uses a character “-“ between every single new short code. You can remove this character manually. The text box with many blue shapes right under the meta tag input field is the boilerplate that will be applied to a given meta tag. It highlights all the short codes that have been used.

You may just want to empty the input field. Just click on the button ‘Empty’ to reset the boilerplate.

You must tick to box “update categories” to activate the content generation for the category pages on your Prestashop catalogue.


Please scroll to the end of the web page, and then hit the button Submit to trigger the meta field generation.

In this web page about the module Prestashop SEO Manager user guide, you have described how to setup or update the module as we release a new version in average once a month. Then you learnt how to generate the meta tags for the category pages.

More Information

We always wants to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. For support, ask your question in the product support link or you can contact us using the following ways.

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This post if the first user guide document describing the best and the most affordable seo meta tags generator for Prestashop

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