Prestashop 1.7 – Do I have to upgrade my shop?

The market share of Prestashop worldwide is 2.68% in May 2016 according to It represents 250000 websites worldwide.

Just 2 little weeks after Prestashop was release, came Prestashop Here is Prestashop just after 1 week. Prestashop might look dynamic but let read between the lines. Today Prestashop 1.7 is not mature at […]

Best Prestashop SEO Module – review

We get more and more review for our Prestashop module SEO Manager. Find out more at

Find hereafter the latest public comments from our customers:

First I want to say that the suppert by Onasus is more than great! Though a superb FAQ and documention exists questions are answered in hours. Moreover in my case in detail […]

Prestashop 1.7 Release – incremental version

Will Prestashop 1.7 meet your expectations?
The raise of Open Source projects helps the developer community create great projects and Prestashop is probably one of them. Other the time, the company with the same name has built a comprehensive toolkit and a legacy code that help e-merchants to thrive at a daily basis.

Prestashop 1.7   was […]

Prestashop 1.6 How to configure the default language

Prestashop is multi language, multi-currency and allows you to setup your online web store regardless from which country you are operating. Country, currencies, language and time zone are better known as localization. In a previous Prestashop tutorial, we have described how to manage and add new languages to your retail website. In this article, let […]

Referencement Google – Panda, Pingouin… et maintenant possum

Comment utiliser les modifications de l’algorithme de Google en votre faveur.
En tant que commerçant, vous voulez que votre site arrive en tête dans les pages de recherche locale. Une recherche locale, c’est quand un internaute saisit un text avec les expressions le nom du pays, de la ville, du quartier. Ce phénomène s’est accentué avec […]

Prestashop 1.6 how to activate the debug mode

Running a business on line is not simple. E-merchants have reported here and there lots of white screen pages. Without a proper version management mechanism, you may end up installing module that is not compatible with your actual instance of Prestashop; example Prestashop 1.7 modules on a Prestashop 1.6 website. When you are running a […]

5 Ultimate SEO Tips for Prestashop

You have started your business online and your online retail website is powered by one of the multiple open source carts scripts out there like Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce or Opencart.
How can you increase your turnover if you simply cannot find any customers? Search engine optimisation is crucial for you to increase the traffic on your […]

Introducing a new Prestashop module Advanced Search

You have started your business with Prestashop and your catalogue of products keeps growing. As you add new products to your online website, it gets more and more difficult to access older product. How do you make it possible to your customers to find easily the right products?
Prestashop Advanced Search is our new Prestashop module […]

Prestashop 1.6 – How to change domain name

I have just moved my shop from my local computer to the remote webserver. How do I change my Prestashop domain name?
This is one of the most recurrent questions related to Prestashop and shop migration. Usually e-merchants start from developing their shop frmo a local machine or on a development server before they move the […]

Méta données Facebook Open Graph – SEO

Les e-commerçants créent beaucoup de contenus au travers des pages de description de leurs produits, catégories, etc. Toutefois, si le contenu n’est pas diffusé, il n’attire pas de clients et par conséquent ne génèrera pas de ventes. De plus en plus de marchands utilisent les réseaux sociaux pour partager leur contenu.
L’un des objectifs de partage […]

Paiement par carte bancaire sur Themeforest ou Codecanyon

Les équipes d’Envato continuent d’implémenter de nouveaux changements. Après l’introduction du mécanisme de support ou le déploiement d’un nouveau forum, la place de marché introduit le paiement par carte bancaire.
Réduire le tunnel de paiement sur un site marchand augmente le taux de transformation. Le tunnel de paiement n’est pas l’un des points forts de Codecanyon. […]

Prestashop tip – Extending product name length on category page

On the category listing page, How to extend the number of characters about product title.
One of our customers wanted to know how she could extend the length of the product title on Prestashop category page.

With Prestashop the category pages are important as they list products that belong to the same context. A customer may be […]