Google and Other major Search Engines provide you with a dashboard to monitor the keywords that lead your customers to your website.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console (formally known as Google Webmaster Tool) are two critical applications available for free for digital content analysis and data analytics.

In this blog post the focus is on Google Search Console.

What do you get from Google Search Console?

This Google application provides you a report related to:

The number of impressions: as the name indicates, it is the number of time your retail web pages are displayed for a given keyword.

The number of clicks: refers to how often a user has clicked on a link displayed in the search result page.

The Click Through Rate (CTR): the percentage of displays that results from a research

The average position: this value varies for different keywords, different country and different language. Google presents you with an average rank of a link in the search result pages for a given query.

Find out more about how to use Google Search Console at

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