On the category listing page, How to extend the number of characters about product title.

One of our customers wanted to know how she could extend the length of the product title on Prestashop category page.

With Prestashop the category pages are important as they list products that belong to the same context. A customer may be interested in one or another of them. Therefore e-merchants should pay attention to the way their products are displayed. For aesthetic reason probably, natively Prestashop limits the length of the product title. You may want to show more.

For your record, the length of this field is limited to 180 characters in the database. Prestashop will throw an error is you try to go over that limit anyway.

Whether you are using the native free Prestashop theme (default-prestashop) or paid Prestashop themes, it is possible to go around this rule.

Use your preferred FTP client (we recommend FileZilla) to connect to your store.

Download the file themes/[YourThemes]/product-list.tpl.

Use a text editor like Notepad++ or Sublime.

Search for {$product.name|truncate:45:’…’|escape:’html’:’UTF-8′}  as showed in the the picture below. Then increase the value 45 to match your need. Again remember the limit is 180.


In this blog post, you have learnt about how you could hack Prestashop themes and extend the length of the product title on the category page.