I have just moved my shop from my local computer to the remote webserver. How do I change my Prestashop domain name?

This is one of the most recurrent questions related to Prestashop and shop migration. Usually e-merchants start from developing their shop frmo a local machine or on a development server before they move the project to the live server also known as product environment. Occasionnally you may decide to upgrade your hosting and to move on a more powerful server. You may need to copy the script from a folder to another.

If you are in any of these categories, you would need to update the value of the domain name parameter.

They are few solutions. You could proceed from the admin panel when it is possible.

Change  Prestashop domain name from admin

From your backoffice, click on the menu Preferences > Then SEO and URLs. This page is rather long. Scroll down until you reach the group SET SHOP URL. Change the values for shop domain, SSL domain and the Base URI and save. To make sure your changes are taken into account, you should clear Prestashop cache, your browser cache and cookies as well.

Change  Prestashop domain name from database

If you are more advanced tech savvy person, you could hack into the database.

First, log into your hosting admin backstage. Identify the link to your database. Query your database and the table ps_configuration. Look for the record PS_SHOP_DOMAIN. Just like before, change this value to the new domain name.  Then from the Prestashop admin backend, generate the HTaccess file again together with the website sitemap.

Your website should now be running with a brand new domain name.

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