Product Description

How do you measure that the meta data of your product page is appealing enough to attract new customer? Well you could use the native Prestashop SEO tab to edit your product SEO.

Today SEO is not considered enough in Prestashop. SEO SERP will help you change it. It ambition is to provide to e-marchants and e-commerce SEO analysts place to perform a comprehensive SEO study.

For Prestashop owners who sell product on their retail website and who need their profitable product description pages to rank higher in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP), our Prestashop SEO Module SERP Analysis is a native PS 1.7 plugin to meet their expectations.

Prestashop SEO Module SERP Analysis displays all the product pages in one place. When a merchant selects a product, he could modify the product meta title, meta description and friendly URL for all the installed languages. In the future, the module will display a target keyword that will help analysis the SEO quality of the page.

Unlike the Prestashop 1.7 native behavior, our Prestashop plugin is user friendly and will a performance that will make a difference from the first day. As soon as You start using, you will adopt it.