You started your online retail business with Prestashop 1.7 and you are struggling with the pictures, in this blog post, we will describe how to upload good quality images for your product pages. 

Pictures and illustrations are good vectors to communicate with your customers.  Modern smartphones and photo cameras take images with great quality and high resolution. The downside is the weight. These product pictures can be very large and are more like to slow down the speed of your prestashop 1.7 powered e-commerce website. Many free or paid applications are available out there for image resizing. You could use GIMP, Snagit or Photoshop.

To configure the sizes of prestashop 1.7 images, go to “design > Image Settings “. You will notice many formats. When you upload a picture,  Prestashop will generate several small or large versions of the image. Therefore it is crucial that the size of initial image is proportional to the sizes you have configured with your shop. Regardless which format or file extension is your picture, Prestashop will save then to Jpeg. 

Can video improve the visibility of your pages? Yes, in the first place when you use video, your customers get a better insight of your product. What is more, Google seems to promote video rich content over images and plain text content. This will be the topic of another blogpost.

Look at the setting options and change them wisely. They might have an impact on your Prestashop 1.7 theme. In this article, you have learn about the product image settings with Prestashop 1.7. Do you have any questions, feel free to post a comment.