Our Module SEO Manager helps e-merchants to include revelant words into their product, category, supplier, manufacturer meta data. It uses fields from the entities like product title, product short description, category name or category description. Our Prestashop SEO module wraps them as generic short codes that will be replaced by the actual tag value. One of the short codes is {SHOP_NAME}.

{SHOP_NAME} is a static short code: it means it doesn’t change unlike {CATEGORY_NAME} will change for every single category record.

Therefore, we recommend to our customers not to make use of {SHOP_NAME} anymore. Instead please use directly the name of your shop.

{SHOP_NAME} is not very useful, we are planning to remove this shortcode in next release of the module.

Be aware that Prestashop also appends automatically the name of the shop at the end of module. Maybe this is the one that bother you. Find out more at https://www.onasus.com/how-to-remove-prestashop-shop-name-to-meta-title/