SEO is crucial to an e-commerce powered by Prestashop as a content driven web store. Few Prestashop modules may help you to increase your visibility against the biggest search engines on the world wide web and improve your ranking on the search result pages. There are not so many recipes to rank better on Google. You would need to describe properly your product pages and to populate your website not only with the description you get eventually from your supplier or your manufacturers, but most important, with the keywords used by your customers. Fortunalety Prestashop is a SEO-ready content management system. However it doesn’t come with a native tool to support meta tag generation. Therefore a meta generation module for Prestashop is a MUST HAVE.

There are several others ranking factors like the speed and the performance of your retail website. Other modules improve the time it takes to load your pages by adding a cache system. It means your website doesn’t need to query the entire catalogue and database in order to build a base every time it gets a web request from your customer. The Prestashop plugins will result in significant increase in web traffic by letting you customize your URL and meta tags for sites like Google, Bing, Yandex, or Yahoo.

Certain plugins also let you add semantic markup to your product pages which in turn makes search results display rich snippets of your products. Prestashop starting from version  1.6, comes with a native support of micro data. But e-merchants complain often about the result as it not always inline with their expectation. It worth to buy a very good micro data like Google Rich snippets, or twitter Cards modules from a third developper to make sure that the module is compliant with the targeted semantic markup specification. There are also plugins that will automatically improve your SEO by removing duplicate pages from search engines. Other plugins are based on Ajax and provide structured data in search engine results. These tools will display the markups found on specific web pages along with a preview of how that page will appear on the search page.

Codecanyon helps you to find the most affordable seo modules (free) for Prestashop and choose the best plugins for your needs.