The name of your shop is very important to expand your present on Internet and to make your brand visible. You set this parameter during the cart installation phase. Quite often most of the e-merchants forget about it.

Note: with Prestashop the name of your shop is different from the link to your shop.

In this short tutorial, learn how to change your shop name with Prestashop 1.6.x

Changing the name of a shop is fairly easy. First login to your Prestashop admin area. Look into the left hand side navigation menu and select the menu Preferences > Store Contacts. This page shows a couple of blocks. The one that we are interested in is the contact details block. You would need to scroll down to the end of the page to display this area.
Prestashop-update shop name
Once you fill out the form, click on the button “save” to update your database with this information.

Our module SEO Manager makes use of the field “Shop name”. This property is fetched with the shortcode {SHOP_NAME}.

Unlike the other shortcode like {PRODUCT_NAME } or {PRODUCT_DESC}, the shortcode {SHOP_NAME} never changes during the meta date generation process.

Therefore we strongly advise you to write down the name of your shop rather than using a static shortcode. In the neaer future, this shortcode with be removed from the list of configuration available.


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