Easy Retail Manager displays Category tree for quicker access

Comfortable for the users, category list displayed in a tree makes your web store far more user friendly with a fast access to the list of products related to the actual category. You can browse your catalogue as simple as you navigate between folders with Microsoft Windows.

Easy Retail Manager allows you to adjust the tree structure, to create, modify or remove categories. What is more, it requires only few clicks and will simplify the time consuming catalogue edition and maintenance.

category management functionalities

Category edition in Prestashop VS category tree in EZRM.

Easy Retail Manager category tree

Easy Retail Manager category tree

The categories management includes:

  • Editing category
  • Copy/paste category
  • Editing image of a category

Product management functionalities

Product edition in Prestashop VS category tree in EZRM.

Easy retail Manager vs Prestashop product edition

Easy retail Manager vs Prestashop product edition

The edition language should be selected directly in the main EZRM platform as well as the actual shop -prestashop 1.5 multi boutique option. The production includes:

  • Editing product,
  • Copy/clone product
  • Bulk price edition
  • Editing combination
  • Bulk images upload
  • Edition specific price
  • Editing features
  • Editing quantities
  • Smart price editor
  • Access to association in a compact editor (categories, suppliers, manufacturers)
  • Built-in text editor for text fields (description, short description)
  • SEO field editor for meta title, meta description, meta keywords, friendly URL.
  • Editing of Customized fields and attachments.

Video tutorials will be provided very soon

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